A newsletter is sent home to parents on Thursdays (email) Fridays (in print) with the students. The newsletter gives announcements of coming events, information on the school programs, and requests to parents.

We are beginning to use social media more actively. Bethlehem has a Facebook account at Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School. The Twitter account is found under @ourbethlehem. Be sure to like and follow these online services for valuable updates.

If inclement weather or other circumstances forces the closing of school, an announcement to that effect will be made over the radio station, 1330 WHBL, and television channels 4, 6, and 12. This will usually be on the air by 7 a.m. It will also appear on the schools Facebook account.

If the Sheboygan public schools close for weather-related reasons, Bethlehem will also close.

Students and parents are asked NOT to call the school office, the principal, or any of the teachers to find out if school is closed. In the event of a snow storm or ice storm during the day, classes will normally continue until normal dismissal time. However, parents may pick up their children if they feel that the roads are becoming hazardous

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