2023-24 DPI School Report Card

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) generates Accountability Report Cards for all publicly funded schools and districts in the state.  Report cards for private schools participating in the Private School Choice Program were first required for the 2015-16 school year.  Choice schools did not receive any score or ratings on prior accountability report cards, since DPI only had a single year of data available for Choice students and the report cards require multiple years of data to produce a score.  As such, 2016-17 is the first year that private schools participating in the Choice Program can receive overall scores or ratings if they participated in state-wide testing.

DPI produces two versions of each Report Card: a one-pager labeled "School Report Card" and lengthier, detailed version labeled, "School Report Card Detail".  Both versions can be accessed online along with resources that explain the report cards,  click here to view explanations.  While our school has received a Private School - Choice Students Report Card, please note that schools that did not have sufficient data to calculate an accountability score or rating will see "NR-Data" in the top left corner.  This can occur if there are too few choice students in the school. 

The legislative requirements to produce these report cards allow choice schools to opt-in to receive a report card for all students attending the private school.  We have chosen not to opt-into the Private School Report Card at this time and will continue to evaluate this in the future.  As required by our participation in WPCP, click here to view the one page School Report Card for Bethlehem Lutheran School and a list of educational options

Please contact the principal's office if you have any questions or would like additional information.