Come and Learn

Greetings In Christ Our Risen Lord,

Bethlehem Lutheran School has been sharing God's grace with it's students for over 130 years.Through God's grace and love, our congregation continues to have a love for Christian education. God has blessed us with this gift since 1890.

The mission of our school is "Christian Education for Today... Christian Education for Eternity." This is what we practice everyday. Upon leaving school, we want our students to be well-rounded Christians for our community and our world. We at Bethlehem want our children to be academically and spiritually ready for the life that God would have them lead. It is our goal that they take what is taught to them and share that good news with those who may not know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

If you would like more information about our 3K to 8th grade programs here at Bethlehem, please feel free to call or visit us at the school office. We would love to talk with you and get you some information. We also encourage new families to set up a time to visit us during the school day.

Come to Bethlehem and see!

In Christ's Service,

Patrick R. Vanic