Financial aid

The school maintains a financial assistance program designed to aid member and nonmember families who might need short-term or long-term financial aid for tuition and fees. Approximately 15% of Bethlehem students receive some sort of assistance. After a family has assessed their own financial needs, they may file an application for assistance. Such applications are available at the school office or online below. The amount of financial assistance is based on family need and church membership status, including whether they are active or inactive members of Bethlehem Congregation or non-members.

Applications for financial assistance for returning families should be submitted by April 30. Applications received after April 30 will receive consideration only if funds are still available. New families should apply upon admission to Bethlehem.

Parents may also lessen the amount they need to pay for tuition by using the "Scrip" program. Parents receiving actual financial assistance from the church are expected to help themselves by using the Scrip program.