Welcome to Bethlehem!

When we extend a friendly welcome to our guests and to each other, we are extending the hand of God.  As we start a new year, ushers and greeters are needed to create an environment of warmth, friendship and welcome to all who enter our congregation and school.  If you are outgoing, and approachable, willing to assist others and have a desire to grow a warm and inclusive congregation please contact the church office at infochurch@ourbethlehem.com.  You are even able to choose the service time that best works for you.  

Date Saturday 5:30pm Sunday 8:00am Sunday 10:30am
January 4 & 5 Peter & Jenny Nikisch Steve & Deb Schlelein Laura Lienau & Crystal Payne
 January 11 & 12

Phyllis Barts & Roxy Mueller

 Tim & Evie Grasse Shaun & Cory Brachmann
 January 18 & 19 Jessica Usadel & Aaron Cannon Yolanda Graf & Darlene Nardi Kathy Fricke & Katie Scholz
 January 25 & 26 Jeanette Gast & Linda Herber Dan & Malou Blackburn NLSW - Worship in Gym
 February 1 & 2 Bev Fischer & Wilma Kasten Mike & Shelly Schelle Matt & Heidi Wallner